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An advanced spiritual journey infused with wisdom focused on an individual's growth. Each Bodh is distinctive with it's teachings, meditative processes and Maitri ShaktiPravaah (scientifically validated energy transfer) which 

helps enable Transformation. 


 Bodh I 



Why join the Spiritual Week?

~ Learn about personal transformation and get a deeper understanding of its impact on life in the current time

~ Experience deep inner cleansing of all levels of your consciousness

~ Dissolution of deep-rooted blockages which are creating roadblocks in life and limiting your growth

~ Strengthen the connection with your inner self

~ Help to discover and follow your true purpose of life

~ Experience Maitri ShaktiPravaah, a powerful and profound energy transfer process

What is Maitri ShaktiPravaah?

Maitri ShaktiPravaah is a scientifically validated energy-based intervention process, developed by Maitreya Dadashreeji. The energy process (published in a renowned indexed medical journal called IJMR, August 2018) helps bring emotional stability, enhances decision-making abilities, sharpens mental faculties and brings about a positive, more joyful state.

Click here to read the medical study.

Time is TBD
Location is TBD

For any queries, please contact:

+44 77434 27975/ +44 75986 92851

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