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Free personal transformation sessions

     Why join Bodh I: Awakening to Self-Realisation?

~ Learn about personal transformation and get a deeper understanding of its impact on life in the current time

~ Kick-start your personal journey of inner transformation to help clear the baggage of the past,

those that are holding you back from growing in your life

~ Establish and experience a positive shift in your behaviour and thought patterns

~ Experience positivity, peace, and love, as you flow more easily with life

~ Receive Maitri ShaktiPravaah

What is Maitri ShaktiPravaah?

Maitri ShaktiPravaah is a scientifically validated energy-based intervention process, developed by Maitreya Dadashreeji. The energy process (published in a renowned indexed medical journal called IJMR, August 2018) helps bring emotional stability, enhances decision-making abilities, sharpens mental faculties and brings about a positive, more joyful state.

Click here to read the medical study.


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