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Maitri Havan

Maitri Havan is a powerful and authentic Vedic process to manifest your prayers. Not just a ritual but also a means of communicating and expressing Love towards the Divine. The prayers are offered through the sacred medium of Agni (Divine Fire), which helps the prayer to transcend beyond the physical realm into the realm of the Divine


Why experience Maitri Havan?

At MaitriBodh Parivaar, Maitri Havans are conducted by 'awakened' mediums, who have deep understanding and right knowledge of different aspects of this Divine process. This helps to sync and elevate the energies of the participating members and the surroundings where the sacred process takes place. The evolved spiritual state of the medium conducting the Havan directly affects its efficiency and thus derives the best from the act. The devotional state of the medium uplifts the intensity of the Havan. 

Benefits of participating in Maitri Havan:


~ Receive Grace for fulfilment of a Prayer

~ Facilitates easy communion with the Divine

~ Helps one progress their mindset from negative to positive

~ Enhances the energy of the human body 

~ Helps deal with mental, emotional & personal obstacles

~ Helps to release toxic or unwanted energies from the body

~ Helps to reduce the impact of past karmas

~ Accelerates the journey of Spiritual Transformation

For any queries, please contact:


+44 77434 27975

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