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Refill yourself with positive energy

What is Maitri Light?

Maitri Light is a highly effective and profound energy process, that represents a rare combination of a powerful prayer and healing (Pray-Ling). Through channeling of positive universial energies, Maitri Light can support in emotional relief.

Why request Maitri Light?

In today’s world, we could all do with a quick boost of positive energy. Whether you are suffering from physical, mental or emotional pain, or experiencing a drain or dip in energy levels, we are here to help.



~ Brings physical, mental and emotional relief


~ Removes blockages, dissolves energy drains and self-created obstacles that are stopping you from growing in your life


~ Removes negativity and energises you with love, positivity and lightness


Helps you to respond positively to situations that they may be going through in life

How is it delivered?

~The entire process lasts for 10 minutes

~ Free of cost

Request your free session today
From where did you get to know about this?

By registering this request, I understand that Maitri Light/Prayling is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, and no medical claims are being made regarding these treatments. I understand that MaitriBodh Parivaar does not claim that Maitri Light/Prayling is a cure or can diagnose any medical condition in the same manner as a physician and any opinions, advice, examinations and recommendations of the Mitra/Maitreyi giving Maitri Light/Prayling does NOT constitute the medical advice of a doctor/physician.

Thank you for your interest

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