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Maitri Chitta-Shuddhi Kriya


About The Program


Just as a flower bud has layers of petals around it, our soul is surrounded by many layers of consciousness. These layers can be broadly divided into - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers. All these layers bundled together constitute the ‘self’, defining your thoughts, perceptions, mood and attitude. Unfortunately, while we go through the journey called Life, the surroundings constantly keep bombarding this ‘self’ with newer ideas and situations. We unknowingly accumulate unwanted toxic energies within.

The body and mind spontaneously try to eliminate these energies through natural ways to free themselves. However, some of these layers, namely the sub-conscious and unconscious planes, are difficult to access and cleanse.

What is needed, is a deep cleansing. It’s time to explore and experience a DEEP SPIRITUAL CLEANSING OF THE MIND. We present you,
Maitri Chitta-Shuddhi Kriya... 
a way towards health and happiness.

The explorative and meditative program carried out under the Grace and Guidance of Maitreya Dadashreeji will help you address and cleanse the deep-rooted blocks and traumas creating a hurdle in your life thereby helping you progress efficiently towards your purpose!

How This Program Will Benefit You?

For any queries, please contact:

+44 7743427975

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